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R is awesome and making plots is very simple. I show a very simple Normal distribution plot here where a critical region P(D<d)=0.05 has been outlined. Here create a normal distribution with mean=1, sd =1.
plot(x,y,type="l",lwd=2,col="red", xlab='X (D)->', ylab='Density->')
x=seq(-3, -0.6448536,length=100)
polygon(c(-3,x, -0.6448536),c(0,y,0),col="gray")
text(-1.5, 0.11, "P(Darrows(-1.5,0.09, x1=-1, 0.03);
The critical region can be found using the source code below
qnorm(0.05,1 ,1); #cutoff point d = -0.6448536
pnorm(qnorm(0.05, 1,1), 1,1); #return 0.05. Finds  P[D
The plot can be easily saved into an image format such as eps (which is used more commonly in latex) by replacing png(“myplot.png”) with postscript(“myplot.eps”).

Cutoff Region where P(D<d)=0.05


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January 13, 2012 at 6:40 pm

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