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Automating PBS jobs: Ideas and a Tutorial

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I use PBS and clusters to run a number of my jobs. I will detail some of my experiences in automating job submission, monitoring and deletion.

  • Deleting Jobs: My favorite script is the job deletion especially when you have to remove all the submitted jobs. Make a script file called and make it executable. Naming the job submission scripts are especially useful, because you can then remove sets of jobs using a pattern. For example, currently, I use qstat -a| grep username to get all jobs from a specific user (me), however, if scripts are submitted in a pattern then the script below can be modified using qstat -a| grep username| grep pattern to remove a subset of jobs.
qstat -a | grep username  | awk '{print $1}' >2.txt
for LINE in $(cat 2.txt) ; do qdel "$LINE""r"; done
  • Submitting sets of Jobs: I have to submit numerous jobs, where a single program is run with different parameters. Automating this is again easy. Make a file called job and mark it executable. Open and add the following to execute an R program.
export dir=progdir
export jdir=jobdir
export file1=input1
export file2=input2
export testDir=dir1
export outFileName=outputFileName
export Rprogram=ProgramName.R
export outDir=outputDir
export resDir=resDir
export ITRCOUNT=10
export type=CA_TX
for ROWS in 5000 10000 25000 50000 100000
                while [ $COLS -le 26 ]
                        for ITRSTART in 1 11 21 31 41
                                fName="$fileName""$ROWS"_"$ITRSTART"_"$ITRCOUNT"_ #make PBS jobscript
                                touch "$jdir""$fName""$COLS"
                                cp /dev/null "$jdir""$fName""$COLS"
                                echo "#!/bin/bash" >> "$jdir""$fName""$COLS"
                                echo "#PBS -l nodes=1:nehalem:ppn=1">> "$jdir""$fName""$COLS" #request 1 node of nehalem and 1 processor at this node
                                echo "#PBS -l walltime=64:00:00">>"$jdir""$fName""$COLS" # request 64hrs of compute time
                                echo "#PBS -l mem=16gb">> "$jdir""$fName""$COLS" #request 16GB memory
                                echo "#PBS -N TopK"$type"_"$ROWS"_"$COLS" " >> "$jdir""$fName""$COLS" #name of job file
                                echo "#PBS -m abe">> "$jdir""$fName""$COLS" 
                                echo "#PBS -M username" >>  "$jdir""$fName""$COLS" #mail to username
                                #this is important. Copy all files to the node
                                #hard drives since this improves compute performance 
                                echo  "cp  $testDir$file1 "  "\$TMPDIR"  >> "$jdir""$fName""$COLS"
                                echo  "cp  $testDir$file2 "  "\$TMPDIR"  >> "$jdir""$fName""$COLS" 
                                echo 'cd $PBS_O_WORKDIR'>> "$jdir""$fName""$COLS"
                                echo "# run the program">> "$jdir""$fName""$COLS"
                                echo "module load R" >> "$jdir""$fName""$COLS"
                                echo "R --slave --args \$TMPDIR/$file1 \$TMPDIR/$file2 $ROWS $COLS $resDir$outName $outDir $type $ITRSTART $ITRCOUNT < $dir$program " >> "$jdir""$fName""$COLS"
                                qsub "$jdir""$fName""$COLS" #submit job to PBS
  • Querying PBS
$ qstat -a | grep username -> get all jobs for username
$ qstat -a | grep username |wc -l-> get number of jobs for username
$ qstat -a  | grep arj135 |awk '{print $10}' | grep R |wc -l -> get number of running jobs for username
$ qstat -a  | grep arj135 |awk '{print $10}' | grep Q |wc -l -> get number of queued jobs for username
$ pbsnodes -a | grep "state = free" -> get all free nodes
$ pbsnodes -a | grep "state = free" | wc -l -> number free nodes

Written by anujjaiswal

December 10, 2011 at 12:04 am

2 Responses

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  1. I know it’s been a year since this was posted but I’ve found it so useful when checking my 280 pbs jobs over the last few weeks!

    Thanks so much!


    November 22, 2012 at 7:03 am

    • Hey Will

      Good to hear. Yes, checking and ensuring the state of PBS jobs can be pain. I am glad this post was useful to you. I really did post this because it is very difficult to find scripts to automate some of the menial but extremely time consuming and important tasks on PBS.



      November 28, 2012 at 2:41 pm

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